San Diego Hang Gliders was founded by Greg Writer, Joshua Writer & John Heiney.

John Heiney is our lead instructor and here is a short video demo real on his illustrious hang gliding career:

Greg Writer is a serial entrepreneur and hang glider pilot since 1978.

Joshua Writer is the son of Greg and the CEO of iMarketing Global a leading internet and technology consulting firm.

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  1. Robert W. Cordier says:

    Please send me your name and address and in return I’ll send you a DVD copy of the 1978 Pico Meet! The full 48:35 You can findm it on utube under hanggliderrider (small case) but it’s in four segments! Thought you like a copy of the full version! Bob Cordier

  2. Jeromy Kent says:

    Hi-San Diego Hang Gliders

    I am interested in your classes. Can you please send me an email with more information or and email address I can contact you at?

    Thanks, Jeromy

  3. Gwriter says:

    Please call 760-233-2863 and we can help you get an instructor lined up.

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