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  1. Ivan Landman says:

    Hi Greg

    Someone posted a Green and Black U2 160 for sale on and said you are the man to talk to.
    Do you perhaps still have it available?


  2. Fernando Rodriguez says:

    Vendo Hang glider Ultrasport 166 en buenas condiciones, tel 0446642917921 en tijuana, Fernando Rodriguez

  3. angelo guevara says:


    I have flying in Peru since June last year, I have my license and flight hours and in April I’m traveling to san diego to improve my English in my spare time I like to fly but even nose to need to fly in Soboba, Torrey Pines and Blosson Valley are the places that I could find in San diego.
    I would appreciate your help and tell me what I have to do to fly on those sites since I’m wearing my flight team.
    thank you very much and greetings

    sorry for my English

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