Learn To Fly Hang Gliders

Here’s a video from one of our students showing the progression of her learning to fly hang glider.

She learned to fly hang gliders in a short period of time, relatively speaking, and you can too.

It’s probably easier than you imagined to learn to fly a hang glider, so take a few minutes and watch this video and leave your comments below.

Call 760-233-2863 to book your 1st lesson today!

If you are serious about learning to fly mention this website when you call!

5 Responses to “Learn To Fly Hang Gliders”

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  2. aldo says:

    i have a few questions about the lessons
    how much do they cost?
    how many classes do i need to take?
    how long does it take to know to hanglide?

    thank you

    • Gwriter says:

      Lessons run $200 for a single lesson or $150 per lesson if you buy 4 or more. It may take 4-10 lessons for you to be flying solo. Give us a call @ 760-822-5667 for more info.

  3. Jason says:

    When is the lesson/class going to start and do you have a rental glider or I need to provide my own?

  4. Eddie says:

    I am very much interested in learning how to fly. Who do I contact to schedule a flight lesson?



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