Mt Laguna Cliff Launch Hang Gliding to 13,500 Everyone Flew XC

Flying at Laguna turned out to be pretty much as forecast.

Eight San Diego hang glider pilots were there as well as Bill from Elsinore, Markus and Bruce from Crestline (both on rigid wings). Top of lift was from 12000′ to 15000′ and everybody flew for hours.

Bill Steuber had his first flight at Laguna and spent a lot of time over 14000′ on his single surface. Having never flown the area he wasn’t sure where to go so just enjoyed the view for a few hours and landed at the club property. Greg, Josh, and Anna flew around the escarpment overlooking Mason Valley for a while and eventually decided to head North. When they arrived at the Banner area they were still several thousand feet above the ground. Greg had had enough and tried to get down to land. Instead he climbed 3500′. After at least a half hour the West finally came through and he was able to make his way down. Meanwhile Anna and Josh were staying over 10000′ and had gone to the VOR. From there they were unable to do the long glides to the next LZs on their single surface gliders. Anna decided to land at Fish and Game, Josh tried to go North and landed just past the turn off to Ranchita.

The rest were heading North. It turned out to be difficult to get across the Warner plain with any altitude. John landed at Mataguay, Markus landed at the Warner Airport, Dietmar and Mike landed at the Conservation Camp. Kamyar was able to hunt around on the East end of the Palomar range and find lift that took him back up. He continued to Hemet then came back to land in the foothills at the East end of the Warner Plain.

Meanwhile, Bruce and Elsinore Bill were trying to fly “home”. Each almost made it. Elsinore Bill landed at Murrietta, and Bruce landed at Yucaipa.

Sunday just Dietmar and John went to Laguna. The West breeze came through before noon. They both took off in slightly down air. Dietmar was able to escape the down and climbed to over 10000′ and worked his way out to Terwilliger. John did not get quite so far.

It is not mid May yet, we may get another great Laguna day

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