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Cross Country Flying With Butch

Fellow non-feathered friends: I invite anyone who cares to expand their horizons to fly XC over the back of Horse. It was exciting to see a couple of pilots break out from Horse last Sunday. As in Bill’s weekend flying report pilots were getting to 7k to 8k msl.. 10k and above zone seems to […]


San Diego Hang Gliding @ Torrey Pines Glider Port

San Diegot Hang Gliding is great year round here in southern California. We went to Torrey Pines Glider Port today and two people from Michigan decided to take to the air and fly like birds.  This was a last minute videos with my phone.


San Diego Hang Gliders

Picture this. You’re standing on a rounded hilltop. A soft breeze is in your face. In front of you is a gentle, grassy slope leading down into the valley. You start your run down the slope with gravity helping to pull you along into a fast run. Within a several steps you are lifted, the […]


San Diego Hang Gliding

We are San Diego’s dealer for hang gliders and hang gliding equipment.  Our new site is currently under construction.  Call 760-233-2863 for any needs and or questions you may have.